Are you also tired of expensive screen repairs?
We are - say goodbye to broken screens with a screen protector from us*.

We use our phone every day and take it with us everywhere, making the screen on the device vulnerable to scratches by the keys in your pocket. You can also shatter your screen easily if you drop the phone when talking, texting, etc. A smashed screen can easily be an expensive lesson.

With a screen protector from Skæ, you get an extra layer of protection that is up to 9 times stronger than ordinary glass*, meaning that keys, knives, and similar sharp objects won’t scratch the screen protector. If you smash the protector, it will break under the silicone layer and not cut your fingers**. When the screen protector is damaged, you can take it off and install a new one – without having to change the screen itself*** – you just saved a lot of money! A screen protector does not reduce the functionality of your screen and does not affect the transparency of the screen itself.****

The screen protector is comfortable to touch and has – on several models – a surface with an anti-fat effect (goodbye to frustrating oily fingers on the screen) – some models even have anti-slip, making the phone is harder to drop – see the product page for the specifications of your devices protective glass.

Protect your phone before it’s too late – without destroying its elegant design, of course. Order a screen protector; your device will thank you.

Select your phone model:

No, it’s incredibly easy – a screen protector from skæ is easy to install without air bubbles. Use the supplied cleaning cloth to clean the screen thoroughly – then installed the glass precisely on your screen. Your phone is now protected.

We have an extended guide to the application, which can be seen here.

What about the quality might you ask? At Skæ, we have tested hundreds of different types of screen protectors from different manufacturers to find the best balance between price and quality. We have found what we believe is the best one – we are therefore proud to sell what we think is Denmark’s best screen protector at a very competitive price.

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- the good reviews speak for themselves:

I have bought several products on Dit Tilbehør. I have always experienced good service and prompt delivery.

Emilia Turrell
Customer at Din IT Leverandør ApS
March 28, 2017
Super service, fast delivery and very easy to find and use it's super quality at a low cost .. :-))

Carina Andersen
Customer at Din IT Leverandør ApS
August 23, 2016
I have ordered several times. Even though he did not have it in stock, it came as fast as it could. I'm really crazy about this webshop and when I need something I'll definitely buy it here. If something broke, I've got it replaced. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Frida Plannthin Mogensen
Customer at Din IT Leverandør ApS
May 22, 2016
I have purchased several products from "dit tilbehør" and have always received a great service. I highly recommend this website!

Melani Pedersen
Customer at Din IT Leverandør ApS
March 28, 2017

Please note that the displayed reviews are from all webshops that Din IT Leverandør ApS owns – skæ, and dittilbehø

Please note that the displayed reviews are translated from Danish to English. You can see the original reviews on our danish page.

*The Screen Protector is 9H and tested to be up to 9 times stronger than ordinary glass. The glass may be weaker in daily use.
**The Screen Protector protects you from cutting your fingers by having an outer silicone layer that is supposed to take the shatter  – please note that this silicone layer is there for your comfort – no guarantee given. You may cut your fingers if your unlucky. 
***The Screen Protector protects the phone efficiently and will in most cases take the drop and shatter if your device is dropped. It cannot be guaranteed that the phone screen won’t be damaged since the device may land on the edge of the phone or similar places where the protection glass does not cover. Skæ (Din IT Leverandør ApS) does not, and will never, cover phones that get smashed even if they have a screen protector installeded. This is only your responsibility.
****The transparency of our Screen Protector is usually between 96% and 100% – please see the product page for details.

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