1. Clean Your Screen

This is the most important point in the process of installation.

For all screen protectors purchased, 2 wipes are included. One dry wipe and one wet alcohol wipe.

Start by cleaning your screen with the wet alcohol cloth, until the screen is completely clean. Then use the dry cloth to absorb any excess alcohol on your screen from the alcohol cloth, so that the screen is completely clean – no grit, dust, etc.

Now hold the device under a lamp with bright light so that any small grit can be seen and removed.

2. Remove the film from your screen protector

Remove the protective film of the screen protector and prepare for installation. Be careful not to put fingermarks on the screen protector or to get dust on the screen protector.

3. Hold the screen protector over the device, and attach it

Hold the screen protector above the device as shown in the picture. Make sure that the edges fit and the home button, camera/notch is covered precisely by the screen protector. On screen protectors that cover the entire screen, pay extra attention to the edges – they must be installeded precisely to avoid air bubbles.

Put on the screen protector with a light and gentle preassure on the screen. On screen protectors that cover the entire screen, focus on the edges of the screen – press any air bubbles away. If the screen was completely clean, the screen protector is installed without any air bubbles.

If you have small air bubbles, they can often be pressed to the corners of the screen, until they go away. Use your nail or credit card. Small air bubbles usually disappear within a few days.


Make sure your devices’s screen is cleaned well – otherwise you may get bubbles beneath your screen that will not go away. We do not exchange screen protectors with air bubbles as a result of a screen that has not been cleaned properly.

Be aware of the edges of your phone if the model has rounded edges, such as. The iPhone 6, 7 and 8. The screen protector must be installeded straight and need a small pressure on the edges to make the bubbles disappear.

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