iPhone X and Xs - antibacterial

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iPhone X and Xs – antibacterial

89.00 DKK

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Even though your device looks nice, it’s often a bacterial bomb. When you think about it, it’s no wonder – we take the device with us everywhere and expose it to bacteria. Studies from the University of Arizona show that a phone has ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. It is disgusting and exposes you to unnecessary risks – this bacteria could be transferred to other parts of your body and cause some infections. Say goodbye to this problem with this new revolutionary scratch-resistant protector for your iPhone screen that kills the bacteria – this screen protector has a antibacterial layer that kills the harmful bacteria on your screen instantly. This layer is safe for you to touch and does not do any harm to you. The screen protector is made in Germany and tested at Quality Labs in Nürnberg.

Why expose yourself to these unnecessary risks? Say hello to a real clean phone today.

* Note: Due to the bent edges on the device, the screen protector goes to the sides only. This screen protector is not a protective glass – it is a plastic film. This means that it protects your screen from scratches but not drops.

Item number7
Thicknessabout. 0,4 mm
3D Touch compatibleYes
Covers whole screenYes
Contains an anti fingerprint and anti fat layerYes
Crystal clear glassYes
ProtectionResistant to scratches**

* This screen protector has been tested by Quality Labs BT GmbH in Nürnberg, an accredited laboratory by the German government under ISO 22196.

** The screen protector is of 2H protection. Daily use may be weaker. Din IT Leverandør ApS never covers devices damaged even with a screen protector installed.

Please note: The antibacterial layer will not last forever and may become weaker meaning that the bacteria are no longer killed. Din IT Leverandør ApS cannot be held responsible for screen protectors that do not kill bacteria.


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