iPhone X and Xs - full screen

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iPhone X and Xs – full screen

89.00 DKK

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iPhone X and Xs is the best phones ever made, if you ask us – they are furiously fast, got FaceID, a nice OLED display and wireless charging. However, both iPhone X and Xs is fairly fragile with their large screens.

Protect your expensive phone with this screen protector covering the entire screen. This product is only 0.4 mm thin, is fully transparent and protects your phone very effectively. It is up to 9 times stronger than normal glass. *
Say goodbye to expensive repairs – if you drop your phone, just remove the protector and install a new one. **

We recommend a cover that covers the top of your iPhone. The cut-outs for the notch allow some dust to get under the screen protector, if your cover dosen’t cover it.*** If you don’t have a cover that covers the top of your phone, please select a screen protector that dosen’t cover the notch – click here.

Item number1
Thicknessabout. 0,4 mm
3D Touch compatibleYes
Covers whole screenYes
Contains an anti fingerprint and anti fat layerYes
Crystal clear glassYes
ProtectionUp to 9 times stronger than normal glass

*The Screen Protector is 9H and tested to be up to 9 times stronger than ordinary glass. The glass may be weaker in daily use.

**The Screen Protector protects the phone efficiently and will in most cases take the drop and shatter if your device is dropped. It cannot be guaranteed that the phone screen won’t be damaged since the device may land on the edge of the phone or similar places where the protection glass does not cover. Skæ (Din IT Leverandør ApS) does not, and will never, cover phones that get smashed even if they have a screen protector installeded. This is your responsibility.

***It is your responsibility to cover the top of your phone. Skæ does not replace screen protectors with dust near the notch.


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